Formulated to effectively clean glass surfaces, windows, mirrors and windshields. With its great cleaning power, it allows to improve the visibility and repel the accumulation of dirt for long periods, it can also be used for domestic cleaning.


Liquid cleaner with hydrocarbon-based solvents, which due to its chemical composition facilitates the removal of grease and the cleaning of surfaces where it is used. For its application it is not necessary to use water or other types of solvents.


Cleaner that quickly helps dissolve leftover grease and all kinds of dirt. It generates little foam, for which it does not require abundant water for its removal, being able to retire with a damp cloth.


Specially formulated to protect motors and metal parts against corrosion and rust caused by moisture and salt. At the same time, it has additives that help to remove rust, lubricate the mechanisms, maintain flexible gums and do not leave sticky residues


Water based alkaline degreaser formulated with water-soluble emulsifying agents and surfactants, which allows to remove all kinds of dirt, fats, oils and waxes quickly, can be applied on any surface, plastic, rubber, cement and metal. For heavy fats a dilution of 10% is used, in case of domestic work use diluted 50%.


High performance product with an exclusive formula of surfactants, soluble in contact with water generates microbubbles capable of removing all types of automotive dirt, including grease. Its action is instantaneous, responding only to rubbing and rinsing. It leaves no residue or stain, has a neutral PH and leaves the surface of the vehicle ready to polish.


Efficient product that thoroughly, effectively and quickly cleans all types of dirt on carpets, vehicle upholstery and fabric furniture. Its formula allows removing dirt without damaging the fibers of the fabric. The action of the cleaner is instantaneous, responding only to rubbing through the use of a damp cloth, due to the complete solubility in water.


Designed to remove the dirt that is formed by the passage of liquids in the cooling systems of vehicles. It inhibits corrosion, makes it easy to visualize the presence of dirt or traces of corrosion deposits present in the radiator, is completely soluble in water, easily reaches all parts of the radiator, has excellent dispersing properties and is compatible with all rubber or plastic material .


Product of advanced technology of organic salts (SOAT) with a formula that allows to maintain the automotive system in optimum conditions. Its function is to extract excess heat from the motor, protect against corrosion, reduce cavitation inside the water pump, prevent deposits from forming inside the radiator and protect the soft parts of the cooling system.


Specially designed for washing and cleaning the vehicle, with an exclusive formula, which allows removing all types of automotive dirt, including grease. Its action is instantaneous, responding to rubbing and rinsing, leaving no residue, no stains.